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The power each of us have is unbelievable. Yet its there inside each one of us. Sometimes we need someone to believe in us to unleash it. Sometimes we need to believe in something bigger than ourselves to release it. Believe in your power…


Making change a choice with confidence and courage

Themes: Change, Empowerment, Confidence

Change is the only constant, yet it can bring a lot of anxiety, tension and stress when faced with the prospect.

In this talk Mo will get your audience to embrace CHANGE making it a CHOICE. He discovered the philosophy of CHOICE while facing a life and death situation, which he now uses everyday. This can be applied to any scenario including workplace and business challenges.

He’ll get the audience to harness the three As; Approach, Ask, Action- available at any time to make the best choice and decision in the moment. He’ll share ways to break free from the past, inviting a better future in the process.

The stories Mo shares will inspire your audience to push their comfort zones and build confidence to take on their challenges.

Choose Power over sabotage - KEYNOTE TALK

Stepping into the 4 P’s of power in an instant

Themes: Empowerment, High Performance, Productivity

How often does procrastination, perfectionism, projection and people pleasing get in the way of performance and productivity? Mo calls them the 4 P’s of sabotage.

In this talk Mo share’s the 4 P’s of Power; Purpose, Presence, Perspective and Performance Environment and how it’s possible to get into a peak state.

When Mo learned he had an aggressive cancer and was given a small chance of survival, he truly woke up to life. He decided to make the rest of his life meaningful and worth living, however long was left. Five years on, he has never looked back. In this talk he shares how others can harness that same energy, to smash through disempowering behaviours to get optimum results and fulfilment in their life.

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Mo speaks with authenticity, passion and energy. He is an excellent inspirational speaker and has a unique ability to captivate an audience.
– Deborah Alsina MBE, CEO Independent Age

Mo joined the JustGiving team on an away day and spoke to us about his incredible journey. He left our entire team inspired, motivated and hungry to get out there and make a positive change in our lives and our working lives. Not only was his talk inspirational but highly relevant for a corporate audience. I would highly recommend Mo to speak to any audience and I look forward to hearing him speak again.
– Adam Selby, Head of Crowdfunding JustGiving