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Mo raised £190,000 for a cancer drug to save his life. In this guide Mo answers the question ‘How did you raise the money?’, while sharing insights and ideas for anyone thinking about launching a campaign of their own.

Mo Haque 'Choosing To Stay': TEDx talk

Refused breakthrough immunotherapy on the NHS, the odds of surviving were stacked against him. Mo “choosing to stay”, crowdfunded over £186,000 to access the potentially lifesaving drug and has seen his tumours reduce by over 50%. He now shares his story of hope, love and gratitude.

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From Despair to Hope

Mo needed to raise money for his cancer treatment after the NHS refused to pay for a breakthrough drug.

Having raised over £150,000 in a few months, the treatment has shown an incredible response. Follow Mo’s story unfold, as he continues ahead, and aims to help others in similar situations.

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