It’s in your moments of Choice,
that meaningful Change takes place


Meet Mo

If Mo accepted the words of health system he would have been dead. Sounds a bit dramatic perhaps but true nonetheless because the health system had run out of treatment options for his aggressive stage 4 cancer.

It was in this most darkest period of his life when he found the power of choice, available at any moment, even when the doctors gave home the worst possible news.

He went on to raise £200,000, accessed a breakthrough drug, and is now cancer free, inspiring & empowering audiences across the world.

In his keynote talks he shares the Power of CHOICE, the 4 P’s of Power, and in doing so shares how to consistently break through comfort zones, build lasting confidence and unshakeable courage.

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Keynote Talks

Power of CHOICE:

In this keynote Mo shares the philosophy of CHOICE he discovered while facing a life and death situation. This can be applied to everyday scenarios including workplace and business challenges. By discovering the Power of CHOICE people can make the best decision available.

He’ll get the audience to break free from the past, to mastering their energy and emotion

4 P’s of Power:

How much time, energy and resources are wasted in your organisation through; Procrastination, Perfectionism, Projection and People Pleasing?

What would happen to your companies Performance, Productivity and Profit if your staff consistently spent their time in their power?

Mo, previously a chronic sufferer of these above traits, in this talk shares how he overcame all of them to now be in his Power zone whenever he chooses. The Power P’s; Purposeful, Persistence, Perspective, and Performance, can be activated by anyone at anytime, and in this talk Mo shares how.

Mo’s Book Choosing To Stay