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Mo Haque 'Choosing To Stay': TEDx talk

Refused breakthrough immunotherapy on the NHS, the odds of surviving were stacked against him. Mo “choosing to stay”, crowdfunded over £186,000 to access the potentially lifesaving drug and has seen his tumours reduce by over 50%. He now shares his story of hope, love and gratitude.

Meet Mo

Cancer Explorer

Cancer not only changed Mo’s life once, and then a second time, it required him to question the very existence of what it means to be alive.

Inspirational Speaker

As Mo takes to the sacred stage, people have described feeling “moved to the core, mesmerised and inspired” after hearing his life changing message.


Mo has been featured across several media platforms including TV, Radio and Newspapers.

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From Despair to Hope

Mo needed to raise money for his cancer treatment after the NHS refused to pay for a breakthrough drug.

Having raised over £150,000 in a few months, the treatment has shown an incredible response. Follow Mo’s story unfold, as he continues ahead, and aims to help others in similar situations.

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