Launching A £200,000 Fundraising Campaign To Save My Life

Brief History...

After receiving a year of NHS treatment for his cancer, Mo was told; “the chemo isn’t working, the cancer’s growing and there’s nothing else they could do for him.”

The only hope was a new experimental Immunotherapy treatment, which was unavailable on the NHS. He tried to get on clinic trials for the drug but these weren’t possible. The only option left was to fundraise with the hope they could raise enough money to give him a chance at life.

Together with his friends and family, he launched a daunting crowdfunding campaign with a target of £200,000. Incredibly they raised £190,000 allowing him to access the drug, which has seen his cancer reduce and stabilise.

In this guide Mo answers the question ‘How did you raise the money?’ while sharing insights and ideas for anyone thinking about launching a campaign of their own.

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